Hyorin is such an adorable little girl! We’ve worked with her mom Janice Cha, a makeup artist, for a number of family photo sessions and weddings so we wanted to help celebrate Hyorin’s third birthday with some memorable family photos.

It was so much fun seeing Hyorin interact with her parents and play with the different sets. She particularly loved running around with the princess wand when she was wearing her poofy white dress.

We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we do!

Soohyun and Saehee

Hyorin’s dad holds her for a family portrait. A daughter holds her dad’s hand and laughs during a downtown Chicago family photoshoot. A father holds his daughter on a windowsill as she grins during a father daughter photoshoot. Hyorin’s parents stand next to her by the window for a photo. Hyorin reaches for her dad while she sits with her mom during a photoshoot. Hyorin holds her dress and dances in front of a chalk Chicago skyline mural. Hyorin walks with a princess wand and grins. Hyorin sits with her parents in matching cream colored outfits. Daughter laughs with mom during a mother daughter photoshoot. Janice kisses her daughter while holding her during a family photoshoot.

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